Fragma is a global blockchain social media Dapp, that provides promotion and monetization of your own created content.

from 40,000 FJT
from 120,000 USDT
9 months
10 Feb

Fragma blockchain metaverse is a global decentralized application, that provides to content creators social mining, GameFi, NFT Marketplace, DAOs, and AR to advertisers that will increase AD performance and make it easier.Imagine the world, where scrolling down through the news feed or posting today’s breakfast is rewarded with money. Everything you have done for free before now will have to be paid for. Clear and simple to use system. Our goal is to make your experience not only profitable, but easy too.We are the first and only platform in the world with social mining. Blockchain based smart systems will give profit not only to the most popular, but active users too. Comments, likes, sharing posts, etc., will be rewarded with tokens that can be converted into tangible money.Fragma Metaverse provides NFT marketplace, AR technologies for product placement ads, private and public collections for your content and NFT artifacts, GameFi user experience, decentralized site administration ( DAO ) and etc.

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