ARNO (ART-Nano) Token Project

Creation of production of secondary energy sources for industrial and home use based on lead-acid battery cells using own carbon nano materials.

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

ARNO (ART-Nano) Token Project
from 15,000 FJT
from 15,000 USDT
2 months
13 Feb

The ARNO project is based on the high-tech developments of our team and implies the real production of demanded end products and their implementation, the presence of intellectual property and free access to decentralized finance.Investments in ARNO Token are investments in high-tech production of really necessary products. The profit of the project is guaranteed by the access to the invested funds and the physical growth of the volume of the project's capitalization.

Artem S.Zhdanok
Artem S.Zhdanok
CEO & Head of project
Serguei Shuskov
Serguei Shuskov
Dipl.Eng., PhD, Head of Production
Ludmila Lopatina
Ludmila Lopatina
Strategic Advisor & Director for former USSR

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