Scaling Decentralized Music Across Protocols & Borders

from 30,000 FJT
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9 months
16 Feb

Disrupting the music industryThe music industry is an example of an out-of-date business model that has failed to catch up with the blockchain revolution. These old dynamics end up causing income inequalities, low-paid musicians and self-interested intermediaries.We have a visionTo bring the old fashioned music industry to the 21st century connecting it to the awesome world of blockchain technology and decentralization.We are on a missionMelodity aims to change how independent musicians earn revenue from their creations giving them the freedom to monetize while increasing their visibility in the musical scene.We think that music is a must in everyone's life and that everyone should have the opportunity to get rewarded for their talent.Let's create the biggest music blockchain ecosystem!Join us and spread this new love!

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