Invest in emerging markets early! Use the Fuji platform to build and improve your portfolio. Get access to investments in proven startups and diversify your portfolio.

Why does an investor need to become part of the Fuji ecosystem?


We will make even the minimum amount of money work for you. You can invest in startups from 100 FJT. Such a threshold makes it easy to create a portfolio of a large number of startups without having a huge reserve of funds.

Investment control

Your money remains yours! If the company does not complete the fundraising successfully, the FJT will be returned to the investor's account. In case of success, the Fuji ecosystem guarantees: until the startup team signs all the necessary documentation with investors, the raised FJT will be frozen.

Different levels

Fuji Company offers investors different investment opportunities. These are projects of A, B, C classes. Unique ideas are combined with common ones to diversify your investment portfolio. There is always a good investment for your budget

The directions that the Fuji team identifies as the most effective:

  • meta universes
  • medicine
  • health
  • fintech
  • online education

Investing in startups is very interesting and highly profitable. Major rating agencies in their research claim that up to 76% of the profits in the portfolios of venture capitalists brought investments in startups at an early stage. The Fuji ecosystem will allow you to create a profitable investment portfolio from different startups in just a couple of minutes. Our task is to provide our investors with the best offers that are included in category A. All the projects are thoroughly analyzed by our professionals, who have extensive experience in investment banking.

Buying shares in 50 companies at once on one site in a couple of minutes? It is not a fantasy! It's Fuji!

Ideas for you

Take the test in your personal account and our algorithm will select for you those ideas that are more likely to suit you! Let us make your capital work as efficiently as possible.

How to start investing?


Register a personal account

It's not difficult, but don't forget to confirm all your personal data! In other case, investments in startups will not be available.


Take the test

This will help our algorithm to understand which sectors you are interested in


Choose your favorite ideas

Buy more, there are a lot of interesting projects


Invest money in project you like

Make a contribution and follow the development of the startup. You will receive notifications on your email about all updates of the project that you supported


Become a shareholder of 
the business

After the successful fundraising, the startup's founder will contact you to sign the necessary documents. The FJTs that you have invested will be frozen until you confirm that all agreements have been concluded with you


Make a profit from the business you have become a part of

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