Raise funding

Our task is to help startups raise funds from as wide a range of investors as possible

To do this, our team uses all kinds of tools. We provide a possible investor from any corner of the earth to find your project and if it really deserves it, you will receive funding, as well as close the issue with missing personnel in your project.

Don't think about where to find money -
think about how to build a profitable business

Are you a project founder?

1. Leave a request in your personal account

Describe your idea, team members, tasks and goals that you set for yourself

2. Briefing

Answer a number of questions generated by the FUJI Analytical Department. This is necessary in order for the algorithm to form a circle of investors who will certainly be interested in your idea

3. Moderation

If your project really has value, it will easily pass moderation and become available to users of the Fuji ecosystem! Good luck

The Fuji platform is interested in closing the collection on your project as soon as possible and providing you with reliable partners. After all, our monetization begins only after the collection is successfully completed.

The Fuji ecosystem works with different businesses. We will help you raise capital if your business is from the following industries:

  • finance
  • fintech
  • foodstaff
  • mass media
  • logistics
  • education
  • medicine
  • health
  • entertainment
  • technology
  • real estate
  • travel
  • games

What ways can we attract investments to your project?

Attracting investments with the purchase of a share in the business

In the case of this program, the investors of the Fuji platform become full-fledged shareholders of your startup and invest money in it in order to get a share in a successful project.


Gratuitous investments or donations from a large circle of investors. This program is quite common, but it does not always work effectively for large businesses and startups.

Are you afraid to face the problem of a large number of shareholders in your startup?

The Fuji Platform will provide you with effective tools for managing limits and reporting to shareholders, as well as provide an opportunity to build effective communication.

What documents do we use?

We need a standard set of documents in the form of a preferred set of shares, an investment agreement and crowd notes. They are designed to attract capital on the Internet.

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