FJT has come close to listing on exchanges. To date, one of the main income tools for our investors, such as the growth in the value of FJT, has practically been implemented. The platform is already working and waiting for investors in projects based on USDT and FJT. For the second quarter of 2022, we have planned a number of listings. In this regard, a number of horizons open before us and we launch 3 profit pools, each of which is a profitable tool for investors.

ICO pool

Don't waste time choosing

IDO pool

Reliable investments with high returns

Staking pool

Delegate coins to support the network for a fixed percentage

Invest FJT

ICO pool

The investor delegates his FJT tokens to the ICO pool. Fujicom IT Solution, as a management company, collects a portfolio of ICO projects and spends a pool of funds in selected projects. FJTs are delegated in different ways. 3-6-12 months. The ICO pool is the most profitable and high-risk, so it is perfect for a classic ICO investor.

IDO pool

The investor delegates his FJT to the pool, from where the Fujicom IT Solution company, as a management company, distributes the pool funds to the upcoming IDOs through partner exchanges. Due to the built partnerships and large amounts of investments, Fuji receives a priority allocation at the exit of IDO on partner exchanges, which allows you to receive high income with restrained risks. FJTs are delegated for 3-6-12 months. The total income depends on the term of delegation.

Staking pool

The investor delegates his FJTs to the pool to keep the Fuji network up and running at the company's upcoming listings. The staking pool operates on the basis of the DPos smartcrack and allows coin holders to lock up their assets for 3-6-12 months to receive a guaranteed return of 1% to 10% percent and become part of the fuji ecosystem, promote a large-scale listing and promotion program. The total income depends on the term of delegation.

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