We know how difficult it is to find a business to your liking. Become part of the Fuji ecosystem, and your skills will bring a lot of benefits to the world around you. You can help create a business that will change the world.

Convenient approach

You can become a part of several projects at once by fulfilling private orders, or you can join a permanent team and work on one project — it's up to you. One thing is for sure: interesting tasks are waiting for you on the Fuji platform!


The Fuji platform will allow you to become a part of interesting projects. Develop, engage in networking. Share your knowledge and get new skills


Do what you love in a project. It will allow you to realize your potential and get stable financial comfort

Do you have something
to tell the community?

Become an active author of the Fuji ecosystem blog. Develop your skills, accumulate your knowledge, and teach others. Share your ideas, express your point of view. Comment and help users. Active participants of the Fuji platform often receive rewards in FJT. You can invest tokens in startups. Become useful to us — and we will become useful to you

How does it work?


Post your resume in your personal account

Describe your key skills and preferences, and we will find interesting projects for you!


Get access

We will give you access to vacancies in projects, according to your key requests. You will definitely find what you like!


Get down to business

After discussing all the details with the founder of the project you like, start your journey and be useful!

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