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What is FUJI?

Fuji is a place where investors and start-uppers can meet, discuss ideas and make life-changing decisions. Our project allows business owners to develop, and investors - to get new, potentially "gold" sources of income from successful startups. For your convenience, all Fuji investments are made through our dedicated internal coin FJT.

Using it, you can take part in all the activities of the site and also generate income from the organic growth of our coins. Clearly and simple, Fuji is not just a donation platform, but a full-fledged investment marketplace with its infrastructure and economic environment.

We are a new view of business

So, you have started your own business — well done! But it's not so easy, you had hundreds of thoughts:

  • How to attract attention to the project?
  • What will interest investors?
  • Where to find talented and motivated people to build an effective and reliable team?
  • What promotion strategy to choose?
  • How to get the necessary funding?

Don’t panic! Fuji will help you solve these problems. Here you can:

  • Get advice on promoting your project that will help to interest investors! We have several programs to present your startup and get more profit for your coins.
  • Find talents for your project on Fuji and assemble a promising team! If you are ready to work in the long term, you will certainly need experienced, reliable employees. Click “Talents” and create a dream team for your business!
  • Learn from talents on the platform, how to make a road map correctly and set the most effective deadlines in order to reach your goal.
  • And, of course, convert your knowledge, skills and experience into a monetary equivalent!


Q4 2020

  • Development of forward transactions system
  • Engaging liquidity providers and auditors in the platform
  • Analysis of the market positions

Q1 2021

  • Creation of FJT
  • Opening of the first round of the FJT sale
  • Early Users support program

Q2 2021

  • Development of a beta version platform
  • Building Investor-Startup Interaction
  • AB testing of all groups within the platform

Q3 2021

  • Beta Testing
  • Traffic Testing
  • Active development of social media

Q4 2021

  • Development of a stock device system
  • Launch of the platform
  • FUJI investors summit

Q1 2022

  • ICO Project aggregator development
  • Developing the platform for diverse investment solutions
  • Investing in an open capital forum

Q2 2022

  • ICO
  • Bounty programs and airdrops

Q3 2022

  • Improving Investor-Startup Interaction
  • Referral system development

Q4 2022

  • Improvement of the project exchange office for operations with FJT currency
  • Developing the platform for diverse investment solutions
  • Development of microclimate

H1 2023

  • Studying the cryptocurrency market in Asia and Africa, identifying potential countries for expansion
  • Hiring qualified marketing, sales and customer support professionals in selected regions
  • Simplification and improvement of the registration and verification process

H2 2023

  • Asian and African expansion campaigns
  • Search for guaranteed liquidity providers
  • Creation of a decentralized exchange

H1 2024

  • Launching advertising campaigns for an exchange product
  • Integration of FJT as a tool for paying commissions on spot transactions
  • Expanding the analytics department

H2 2024

  • Finding shared media partners to launch the app's advertising campaign
  • Launching of the beta version of the wallet + spot
  • Application development for IOS / Android
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