Fuji is a place where investors and start-uppers can meet, discuss ideas and make life-changing decisions. Our project allows business owners to develop, and investors - to get new, potentially "gold" sources of income from successful startups. For your convenience, all Fuji investments are made through our dedicated internal coin FJT.

Using it, you can take part in all the activities of the site and also generate income from the organic growth of our coins. Clearly and simple, Fuji is not just a donation platform, but a full-fledged investment marketplace with its infrastructure and economic environment.


So, you have started your own business - well done! But it`s not so easy, you had hundreds of thoughts - where to get money to start a project, how can I cope without a team, what if I don't have enough skills and knowledge in my field, where to go, and what to do when you start? Or maybe you have saved up some amount and want to invest, but do not know where to invest your savings profitably? How to find a company whose "rocket can fly" and will not close after a couple of months of existence? How to stay with nothing and painful experience?

These questions can make an untrained person panic! Indeed, without an excellent guide in the world of business, it will probably be difficult to survive. But Fuji will help you solve these problems! We allow you to realize your boldest ideas and take the dangerous but exciting path of entrepreneurship. Investors can find additional sources of income and increase their capital!

Or maybe you need some specific services or are you looking for professionals to join your team? No doubt, we can solve such issues as well - by creating a kind of exchange of services and personnel within our platform. You can become a part of your project, and Fuji will help you solve all the organizational issues!


Fuji tokens (FJT)?



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