Crypto Crowdfunding: How a Fuji Startup Became a Successful Cryptocurrency Marketplace

Crypto Crowdfunding: How a Fuji Startup Became a Successful Cryptocurrency Marketplace

The market for crypto crowdfunding services speeded up in 2017 and just as quickly lost popularity. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as an early funding mechanism for cryptocurrency startups appeared in 2013. Its development peaked at the end of 2017, after which, in just six months, the level of investment fell from several billion to tens of millions of dollars per month, and a year later the market almost died. The reasons for the ICO market crash were a combination of several factors.

The ICO mechanism arose because of the search for opportunities to raise funds for the early financing of blockchain-based projects. The rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market and the almost complete absence of barriers to entry into the ICO for developers attracted many people who had only an idea and a desire to get investors' money as soon as possible. As a result, the quality of the presented ICOs suffered greatly.

Due to the decline in the quality of ICOs, the number of successful projects fell, investors lost money and no longer wanted to invest in such startups. We analyzed the crypto crowdfunding market and find out if ICOs are being held now and what can revive this type of crowdfunding. So we came across Fuji, a crypto crowdfunding marketplace.

What is Fuji

ICOs will never return in their original form, and Fuji confirms that. Fuji is a modern platform for launching projects. It allows start-ups to get funding, and investors - to choose an attractive investment instrument while receiving passive income. 

It is difficult for an ordinary user to assess the potential of a startup, Fuji solves these issues by making it easier for investors to access reliable projects with great investment potential, and for startups to access money. This is a new generation platform equipped with a user-friendly interface, wider functions, and capabilities, both for startups and investors, specialists and developers.

Fuji Model and its Benefits

Among the key advantages of the platform are:

  • Access to the internal FJT coin developed on the Tron blockchain;
  • Providing early access for more people to the pre-sale of the internal coin; 
  • Simplified mechanism for obtaining investment for the development of a startup;
  • Formation of relationships between the platform, investor, and project;
  • The ability to receive passive income from the growth in the coin's value on the exchanges after the presale.
  • It provides fair, fast, and transparent access to the purchase of internal token.

Another advantage of the Fuji model is interaction with three types of users (startup, investor, experienced developer). We dwelt on this advantage in more detail. This full-fledged crypto crowdfunding platform allows everyone to find their own prospects for themselves.

An investor can receive a share from the project of his choice if the project achieves potential success. He can become a shareholder and own a part of the business, or buy an internal FJT coin and receive additional income when its further value increases.

The startup will realize his ideas and receive funding for the development of the project. Fuji is a strong and well-functioning business community, where the newcomer will be taught how to do business and shared the missing knowledge. And of course, a beginner can receive passive income from buying an FJT coin.

A qualified person will become part of a team of like-minded people, get several well-implemented projects in his portfolio and buy an FJT coin to get all the benefits associated with this investment.

Fuji Startup - a new way of crowdfunding

Crypto crowdfunding platform helps newbies raise funds to develop their ideas without banks, venture funds, and exchanges. On the Fuji platform, anyone can contribute to their favorite business idea, in return for certain benefits that he will get after the project development. But the most important difference is that you can earn passive income. 

Considering that we often measure the size of attracted investments in hundreds of thousands of dollars. In this regard, scammers may become active, so we strongly recommend using only trusted sources, for example, the main Fuji project website or their Twitter feed. Stay up to date with all the events of the crypto crowdfunding market! Perhaps today your project is already waiting for you on the Fuji platform, and you just need to register and invest in your carefree life tomorrow.

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