Promising cryptocurrencies in 2021

Promising cryptocurrencies in 2021

After Bitcoin, created in 2009, many other cryptocurrencies appeared - Ethereum, XRP, TRX, Cardano, Chainlink, Stellar, USD Coin, FJT and others. New coins appear regularly, and it can be difficult for a newbie to understand which ones are promising and worth investing in.

Pay Attention to New Altcoins

Ether shows good dynamics and is relatively resistant to volatility. The incentive to invest in Ethereum is the prospect of launching the Ethereum 2.0 network.

Recently, Cardano has become a real competitor to Ethereum, and UniSwap (UNI) has become the most successful among the new cryptocurrencies. Since its launch in the fall of 2020, the token has entered the top 10 coins by capitalization. The total price of all coins in circulation is estimated at $11.5 billion. Some analysts see UNI growth prospects by the end of 2021 and believe that its price could be over $29.

Bitcoin Cash has taken a place in the list of promising altcoins. We predict the growth in demand for this coin because the Venmo service owned by PayPal has added the ability to buy, store, sell and transfer this cryptocurrency.

Polkadot is a new platform. Interest in it appeared because of the use of technology that bridges the gap between blockchains, allows them to communicate and transfer information.

Another promising coin in the crypto crowdfunding market is the FJT token. Fuji allows startups to get investment to realise their projects. Both parties can receive passive income by buying the internal FJT coin.

Don’t Forget About it!

Remember to invest wisely. Buying new, albeit promising cryptocurrencies in a volatile market is risky. Do not forget about caution: carefully study the cryptocurrency market, the chosen crypto asset, and also follow the news on social networks and media.

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