Listing and Pools

Listing and Pools

Dear investors! 

Thank you for being with us all this time, we have done a lot together.

Today our platform is fully operational. But we keep improving functionality to open up new investment opportunities for you. In the near future we will launch Investment pools. And we need your support! In May we plan to make 2 listings on the crypto exchanges. The listing process will take place:

- on the top 50 exchanges 

- on the top 30 exchanges

- on the top 5 exchanges

This is not a fast process. According to the rules of the game, it is not possible to immediately put coins on the top five players. We have already prepared a listing plan for 12 months.

In order to make your investments as profitable as possible, for this period we suggest using our pools with guaranteed profitability! It will help us increase liquidity and attract additional attention of market participants to our project. And early stage investors will significantly raise share of profits.

We are launching a staking pool designed for different periods: 3-6-12 months. In fact, the pool system is similar to the work of bank reserve funds, which makes it possible for us to reward participants with fixed percentages. The funds of the pools are aimed at maintaining the security of the blockchain network, so we will be able to strengthen our position in the listing. 

3 months - 2%

6 months - 6.5% 

12 months - 10%

Stay tuned! Make your best investments!

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