What is Fuji?

What is Fuji?

Clearly and simple, Fuji is a full-fledged investment platform with its infrastructure and economic environment.


Fuji is a place where investors and start-uppers can meet and make life-changing decisions. To make this interaction easier, we have a unique internal coin FJT. You can make all the investments using Fuji cryptocurrency and also get profit from the organic growth of the coin. 

Startup accelerator

We aim to help startups raise maximum funds from a wide range of investors from any corner of the globe. If your idea is interesting and relevant, you will receive funding and find the missing teammates easily with us.

Business community

On our platform you can find talents for your project team and exchange experience with like-minded people all over the world. On the Fuji blog, you can share your ideas, express your point of view, develop your skills and accumulate your knowledge.

Join Fuji! We are waiting for your ideas to be put into reality.

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