EZRA Token

Digital real estate agency

Constanța, Romania

EZRA Token
from 15,000 FJT
from 15,000 USDT
4 months
30 May

In EZRA LUXPROPERTY S.R.L we believe that by investing in technology we can take the friction out of Real estate, and connect hundreds of thousands of property owners to millions of potential customers. Therefore we have decided to launch the EZRA Token Project, which will help in decentralization of the Real Estate business, and give the opportunity of investing in Real Estate to everyone on the Globe.EZRA Luxproperty will provide the connection between Investors and Real Estate whales, using multiple platforms that will assure the protection of EZRA Token investors. EZRA token funds will be used for the development and marketing of those platforms, and 30% of the profit generated by EZRA platforms will be shared in dividends to EZRA Token holders

invs specialist Fuji

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