How to generate revenue with the Social Q app

from 100,000 FJT
from 50,000 USDT
9 months
7 Feb

Millionstarter token will be the keystone of the Q Ecosystem. Social Q will be a platform that gives its users the opportunity to meet, date or handle their finances through the Metaverse.Become the owner of a new popular social network, Social Q!The premium decentralized community network of the future, managed by MST token holders. This unparalleled ecosystem provides the true value behind the MST token.In addition to the social network, the concept of Social Q is made completely unique by the Date and Meet functions. The Date feature is the app’s dating interface, which is intended to provide an alternative to Tinder and similar known apps. Our artificial intelligence system, developed specifically for this purpose, will not give access to fake or deceptive users trying to get to know others by using someone else’s photo.

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