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The World's First Gamified DeVC

Price 900 of 15,000 FJT,
4,300 of 15,000 USDT



Smart Contract Platform

Price 3,200 of 15,000 FJT,
3,500 of 15,000 USDT



Token for travel & leisure in the real world

Price 2,000 of 15,000 FJT,
6,000 of 15,000 USDT

ARNO (ART-Nano) Token Project

ARNO (ART-Nano) Token Project

Creation of production of secondary energy sources for industrial and home use based on lead-acid battery cells using own carbon nano materials.

Price 4,150 of 15,000 FJT,
7,000 of 15,000 USDT



Smart City Enhancement Platform & Virtual City That Wants to Elevate the Lives of Citizens

Price 700 of 15,000 FJT,
1,000 of 15,000 USDT



Metaverse will be the new standard in the near future.

Price 3,800 of 15,000 FJT,
2,000 of 15,000 USDT

EZRA Token

EZRA Token

Digital real estate agency

Price 1,500 of 15,000 FJT,
3,000 of 15,000 USDT



Quadency is a one stop trading platform for investors of all levels.

Price 10,000 of 100,000 FJT,
10,000 of 100,000 USDT

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Fuji is a place where investors and startuppers can meet, discuss ideas and make life-changing decisions. Our project allows business owners to develop, investors — to get new, potentially "gold" sources of income from successful startups. For your convenience, all Fuji investments are made through our own internal coin FJT. Using it, you can take part in all the activities of the site and also generate income from the organic growth of our coins. To be clear and simple, Fuji is a full-fledged investment marketplace with its own infrastructure and economic environment.
A minimum comfortable amount of $ 500 To invest in projects or to purchase coins, you can start with a comfortable sum of $500. The minimum amount for investing in a startup is assigned by the founder of the project hosted on the site.
Investments are always risky, and the platform can not be responsible for the success of the posted projects. We also do not give investment recommendations. But you can see the ratings of projects, read their descriptions, choose a business area that excites you and invest in the most attractive startup. Fuji also invests in projects hosted on the platform, but information about such startups also is not investment advice.
To be an investor, you do not need to have a high qualification or special education. It will be a nice addition to your basic occupation. You can become a part of the business community, if you just have savings and courage! Good luck on your way!
Do you have a team of specialists with a cool idea and a clear understanding of the goal? Great! All you need to turn ideas to reality is to register on the plastform and apply for publication of your startup on FUJI. Describe in detail what you want to do and what you need for that. If your idea is really cool, our moderators will post your project. And after that the Fuji investor club will be able to support you!
To publish an idea, you need to submit an application in your personal account and pass the moderation. That's it. If you want to become an investor, you need to have some savings and the desire to make this world a better place. Register, buy FJT coins and invest in a business you like, or keep coins to profit from their growth. Good luck!
Our platform is focused on development of the business community! We pay a lot of attention to fintech startups. To cover the entire geography, we invest in projects through our own FUJI cryptocurrency. So, it does not matter to us where you are from and which bank you use! When the project is posted, you get access to a personal wallet for all the attracted funds. No bank charges, commissions and geopolitical difficulties! Fuji is a world of clean investments
Any business can become large-scale. Fuji's task is to help you expand your startup. We give you business access to a database of investors who will be happy to support your idea and become part of your business. On FUJI, you will get not only investments, but also missing team members. Cool? We think so! You can be completely immersed in the implementation of the idea — FUJI takes care of everything else!
Companies that have succeeded in their development are traded on the stock exchange. We give an opportunity to invest in companies that are at an early stage of development. Would you have refused to invest in Apple, when they had started their business in the garage? We don’t think so! With FUJI, you have the opportunity to find a new Apple!
After listing, the value of the coins depends on the market situation. The cost of buying a stake in the project depends on the minimum investment threshold assigned by the author of the project.

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